Which Alfajr Azan Clock is Best for You?

Choosing the best Azan clock for your home, office, or community can be quite difficult. There’s only a handful of brands out there and it can be difficult to make a decision, which clock will be the right one for you. 

Alfajr is one of the market leaders and Pioneer when it comes to azan clocks. Founded in 1999 Alfajr has since gained worldwide recognition for its quality watch and clock products. The Alfajr name was derived from its original clock design which introduced a unique and innovative Fajr alarm that changes daily "relative to" Fajr azan. 

ALFAJR currently has 7 models (see below) of Azan Clocks. Each azan clock with its distinct features and qualities. 

  • CS-03
  • CT-01
  • CW-05/CW-15
  • CJ-07/CJ-17
  • CR-23 (Black & White)
  • CA-21 
  • CF-19 (Black & White)

The CS-03

The smallest of the ALFAJR azan clocks, the CS-03 is the most compact azan clock you can find. Easy to carry and ideal for small spaces or offices. It has all the features of an Alfajr Azan Clock and comes at a lower price point. Although its small size can be useful it also means that its azan sound is not as loud in comparison to larger  ALFAJR azan clock models. 



Among the top sellers, the CT-01 clock is popular for its compact size. It’s easy to carry around and is ideal for small rooms and offices. If you are looking to make a slightly cheaper investment, but are still looking for a quality azan sound with ease of use then the CT-01 is the clock for you. 


If this is your first time buying an ALFAJR clock, the CW-05 is a good option for a first purchase. Not too small and not too large. The clock has all the features and projects a slightly louder Azan Sound. An additional plus for this azan clock is that it can be hung both on the wall or placed on the desk. 



Among the largest of the clocks, the CJ-07 is the Jumbo Clock. It’s ideal for large spaces such as office spaces, community centers and also homes. Its large display enhances the look and feel of any space. In addition, unlike the other ALFAJR models, the CJ-07 features an external and internal temperature display. 


Coming at a premium price point is the CR-23. If you are in the search for an Azan Clock whose sound will echo through every corner of your house. Then CR-23 is the clock for you. I personally have the ALFAJR CR-23 is my house which is a two-story house. The sound at full volume can be heard from every room on the second floor, loud and clear. Its heavy-duty and quality construction makes it a clock that you can rely on for years to come. In addition, the latest version also features an Auto DST for certain countries meaning no manual adjustment when it comes to Daylight Savings.


If you are in the search for an Azan Clock that not only displays high-quality sound but also sophisticated and elegant. The CA-21 is the choice for you. Also, an analogue/digital clock the CA-21 features a vintage look. The CA-21 will enhance the look and feel of any space.


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