The Steady One - Picture Jasper - 99 Bead Beads Tasbih

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Your Tasbih, Your Way: Your companion in sorrow, happiness, and prayer. Our collection of tasbih's are composed of various gems and precious stones that will make your daily misabah more scared and personal.

Every Tasbih Matters: Fall In Love with your daily Misabah. Make your daily performance of zikr more sacred and special with our Picture Jasper 99 bead Tasbih known as a nurturing crystal that is energetically supportive over the long haul, balancing and grounding on all levels. 

Our Mission: We started out with a mission to bring the sound of Azan Prayer to every home. Now as we take a the step further, we want to make sure that you have the best tools, and resources that will make your prayers and practice more sacred.  


  • AUTHENTIC MALA - A gentle reminder of intention and mindfulness - signal the mind to stop and be aware of the present bliss or use as part of meditation practice and affirmations. It is assumed that it Improves circulation, strengthens, spiritual aura & repels negativity. 
  • BRACELET, NECKLACE OR PRAYER BEADS - It is long enough to be worn as a necklace or folded into your hand as a bracelet for ease of use while traveling and going about your day. Even you can hang them in your cars. Wrap around the wrist as an eye-catching beaded bracelet or carry as a prayer beads.
  • SIZE - Tasbih measures a full approximately 20" long including the decorative tassel having 99 beads, each having a size of 8mm.
  • BRANDED POUCH - It comes with Authentic Branded Pouch. Always store your beads in the accompanying bag to preserve aura and energy.
  • ISLAMIC GIFT - The perfect gift for both men and women during Ramadan, Eid or year-round. The stone tasbih prayer beads will feature natural stone variations, making this a truly unique gift.


This lovely tasbih is made with 8mm Picture Jasper Stone and Beautiful dark brown tassel. This is a perfect gift for a Muslim friend or loved one or yourself.

Made with Picture Jasper, known as a nurturing crystal that is energetically supportive over the long haul, balancing and grounding on all levels.

Jasper balances yin-yang and aligns the physical, emotional, and mental bodies with the etheric realm. Jasper also stimulates the base chakra encouraging one to follow their passions, creative impulses, and get busy doing whatever contributes to their overall well-being. Jasper clears electromagnetic and environmental pollution, including radiation and aids dowsing.

Picture Jasper provides a useful balance between inner and outer experiences fostering a desire for new experiences with a calming "present" energy. Picture Jasper assists one with the “knowing” of the right decision or path to take.


Bead Material Picture Jasper
Stone Color Brown/White/Beige
Bead CountD 99
Bead Diameter 8 mm
Bead Shape Spherical
Thread Type Braided Specialty Thread
Tassel Type Threaded
Tassel Color Dark Brown
Space Bead Silver
Length Approximately 16.5 inches (without tassel)
Tassel Length Approximately 3.5 inches
Weight 65 Grams
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    The Steady One - Picture Jasper - 99 Bead Beads Tasbih
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