AL-FAJIA Automatic Worldwide Large Digital 8 Azan Sounds Wall Clock LB40-C (Black)

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Key Features:

  • Features 8 High quality Azan sounds in different voices. Major cities around the world are pre-programmed and any other location can be programmed using latitude, longitude, and GMT information. Azan times are calculated accurately.
  • 8 different languages included English/Arabic are provided in the Clock with a memorizing features which allows you to turn ON clock from the same previous state without reset the settings.
  • Features Auto Daylight Saving Time Option for Europe and North America, LED Wall Clock for Home Office Business Mosque include major USA Cities.
  • The perfect Azan wall clock for an office, classroom, bedroom, and any room in your home. Easy to Hang. Comes with remote control.
  • Product Size Measures 19.50 x 15 x 2.5 inches; Black in Color.

Product Description:

AL-FAJIA Azan Clock LB40-C is a beautiful and functional Islamic wall clock, that calls for prayer with a complete azan five times a day. It is the upgrade version of the AL-FAJIA azan clocks. Lightweight, ideal for homes or offices. It has all the features of an World Popular Azan Clock. This portable Azan Clock is ideal for rooms, spaces, and offices. This clock is a perfect for home or work to remind you with a call to prayer.

New Key Features:

  • QURAN AUDIO: Complete Quran Audio Included
  • LANGUAGES: 8 Languages Option and Display (English, Arabic and more language options)
  • IQAMAH - Set 1-30 minutes for the next prayer time.
  • SPEAKER - Bluetooth Wireless Connection Playback. Bluetooth Name: M611
  • MEMORY - It does not lose integrity after loss of power. It automatically recall the memory in case of electricity failure.
  • POWER -
    1. Micro USB Line - DC 5V EU Standard Adapter
    2. USB System Upgrade Interface
  • REMOTE CONTROL - Can Control/Program remotely - 2xAAA Battery

Technical Specification:

  • COMPLETE AZAN (for all cities around the world): A high-quality digital Azan sound for all prayers can be played. With azan volume control fitted in all clock models. Azan times are calculated accurately for all cities around the world.
  • SET TIME: You can adjust the time and calendar accordingly.
  • DAILY ALARM: The daily alarm is a regular alarm that rings at the same time everyday. Moreover, this alarm can be set not to ring on weekends.
  • DAYLIGHT SAVING OPTION: Adjust Daylight Savings. When DST is ON, all azan times and current time are advanced by one hour.
  • HIJRI AND GREGORIAN CALENDER'S: Shows either Hijri calendar or Gregorian calendar on the main screen.
  • TIME DISPLAY: You can select either 12 hours (AM/PM) or 24 hours time format.
  • ATHAN ON/OFF: You can disable or enable azan sound of any of the five azans independently. For example: If you wish to disable Dhuhr athan sound (because no one is at home that time), enter the setting here and use UP & DOWN to set Dhuhr sound "OFF". The clock will play the other four Athan/Azan only.
  • TAQWEEM: The clock uses the local taqweem or the most widely used taqweem system for your city. As needed, other standard taqweem systems can be selected.
  • AZAN SAFETY TIME: If required, athan times can be adjusted forward or backward by a fixed numbers of times.
  • MANUAL CITY: Follow the user guide - page 9, enter the Longitude and Latitude, you can add accordingly.
  • MY NAME: Customize Name on the Clock display up to 8 Letters.
  • WIRELESS SPEAKER: Can use the Azan Player wirelessly as audio device-Can play any sound via Smartphone or any BT Device

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Large LED Azan Clock - Black
  • 1 x Remote (2xAAA Batteries - Included)
  • 1 x Micro-USB Cable (77inch long)
  • 1 X Wall Adapter (100-240V Wall Adapter Included)
  • 1 X Instruction/User Manual

NOTE: This Clock is not Battery Powered, It works with Wall Charger.

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AL-FAJIA Automatic Worldwide Large Digital 8 Azan Sounds Wall Clock LB40-C (Black)
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