AzanClk Arabic Calligraphy Islamic Holy Quran IQRA Kufic Bookmark - Ramadan/Eid/Nikkah Gifts (Blue)

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  • UNIQUE DESIGN: This rose gold metal bookmark with Arabic Calligraphy inspire your interest in reading and are suitable for readers of all ages and different tastes.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - These bookmarks are made of high-quality Enamel metal, not easy to break or fade, lightweight and sturdy. It is designed with smooth edges which are safe for you.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND STRONG - The thin design allows the bookmark to protect your book from dent and deformation. Lightweight and strong, with long service life gives the assorted book makers a light texture.
  • SIZE: Length is 5.75 inches (MAX) and width is 1 inch (MAX). Tiny bookmark can be out in your pencil case or pocket to carry.
  • ISLAMIC GIFT IDEA - The ideal gift for your families, friends on any special occasion. The bookmark will feature to find the place you read last time while open books, making this is a perfect gift for anyone.


The best quality metal bookmark, personalized metal bookmark, Quran bookmark, Quran markers. Full of texture, lightweight and beautiful, delicate, elegant and durable. It can be used as a page markers and book decorations. These are beautiful keepsake gifts which can be used as bookmarks for any Holy Qur'an or any other Islamic book.

IQRA - The word IQRA sent down to the last Prophet of Islam PBUH.
It literally means ‘read’. It was an instruction by God for him to proclaim the truth.
A deep understanding of this word is to not only to do goodness in private but in public as well to inspire others around you. Proclaim the goodness you have learnt to the rest of the world so others can benefit from it too!

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Metal Enamel
  • Color: Rose Gold with Blue
  • Shape: Rectangle Shape
  • Length: 5.75 inches
  • Weight: About 25 grams
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Style: Islamic
  • Type: Bookmark

Ideal Gift for:

  • Book Lovers
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Writers
  • Readers

Package Includes:

  • 1 of Islamic Metal Bookmark (Blue)
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AzanClk Arabic Calligraphy Islamic Holy Quran IQRA Kufic Bookmark - Ramadan/Eid/Nikkah Gifts (Blue)
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