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Tajweed Quran With Spanish Translation and Transliteration [Hard Cover, Assorted Colors]

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Weight 1.75 kg
Size: 7"x9"
Cover: Hardcover
Narration: Hafs
Script: Othmani - Obvious Script (Spaced out, with extra spaces at optional stops)
Indexes: Quran words Index & Quran topics index.
ISBN: 978-9933-9002-4-3
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For United States: New York, USA

For Canada: Ontario, Canada



This complete Colour Coded Tajweed Quran comes with a nice and beautiful hard cover, it includes translations and transliteration into Spanish.

Translation: meanings of the Quranic versus are translated into Spanish and placed on the margins around the Arabic text.

Transliteration: Arabic letters are presented by Spanish letters with added symbols in order to give the same sound of Arabic letters.

Spanish transliteration makes it easier for the speakers of the Spanish language to read the Tajweed Quran in Arabic pronunciation using the Spanish alphabet letters. 

This Tajweed Quran is in Hafs narration.

All our Tajweed Quran products - including this Quran-- come with the following:

  • Colour coded letters: to present the Tajweed rules, very good and simple way to learn and apply Tajweed rules .
  • Obvious script: extra spaces were added between the words in order to make it easier to read and recite the Quran.
  • Permissible stops: long spaces were added at certain places where it is permissible to stop. It helps to avoid stopping at wrong places or times.
  • A set of very useful indexes such as: Surahs Colour Index, Subject Index.
  • Tajweed rules explained in details with helpful illustration.
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Tajweed Quran With Spanish Translation and Transliteration [Hard Cover, Assorted Colors]
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